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New album Vocalifornia - free full stream and download at Bandcamp

Finally my album is published in Bandcamp and it will be in other platforms that use Creative Commons licenses such as or Jamendo.
This new experiment that comes from improvising and years of searching what would be the best set up in Ableton to use effects live with MIDI controllers. Basically the target was to use all the potential of the software and create music on the fly and I think im on the way. As Iwas not very convinced for years about how to make a live performance or record now I can say I feel more optmistic to play live, improvise and I want to share it with you.
So what´s next? Most likely a compilation will come of stuff that has been during years in my computer and I would like to recover the idea of an album that was called "The effect of Global Warming" which somehow was forgotten in the vault.
Well, said all this I want to dedicate this album to my wunderbar girlfriend for her love and support, my family in Spain for being the best, my family in California for being so great, all my friends in Madrid and Barcelona for being always there, Ignatius Farray for being the standup comicon number one and also those who were part of this Californian trip (Probosci, Jim Bacchi from Tikiyaki Orchestra thank you so much for your music, Reggie Watts for the inspiration and David Gasten for his friendship and helping to hunt those great exotica vynils)
Also thanks to AZ Rotator who has been my inspiration for many years, Javier Diez Ena, Alberto Brenes and Alex Nooirax for encouraging me to keep working on this project... And Katya from Oddio Overplay for creating a wonderful place that inspired me for years and for sharing my music until today.
And Software developers from Ableton and Sugarbytes and g200kg, without them my music would not be possible, thank you so much!
Also thanks to you for reading this. If you wish to listen the album click play on the player in the right side of the screen or if you want directly to download the album click on the Bandcamp link: